• 2024-04-25
  • Unimarc

Unimarc.cl and INDAP Strengthen Alliance to Support Small Farmers

Unimarc and the Institute for Agricultural Development (INDAP) announced today the renewal of their collaborative alliance aimed at fostering the development of local small farmers.

The ceremony took place today during the inauguration of the Expo Mundo Rural at the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, with the presence of Agriculture Minister Esteban Valenzuela, Unimarc Format Manager Lionel Gubler, and INDAP National Director Santiago Rojas.

The history of this partnership dates back to 2012 in Aysén when both institutions signed a regional agreement allowing a group of fruit and vegetable producers from the southern region to become suppliers to the supermarket chain. Following its success, a national agreement was signed the following year.

Unimarc Format Manager Lionel Gubler stated, “Over the years, the agreement with INDAP has expanded its coverage, gained more relevance, and generated greater impact, becoming a clear example of shared value creation. The initiative has simultaneously supported local producers and provided our customers with fresh, quality products at good prices.”

Through this alliance between Unimarc and INDAP, local producers have accessed a mass sales channel, enabling them to grow their businesses and improve their quality of life. They have also received support in investments, technical advice, and training in safety and good agricultural practices.

Álex Araya, a farmer from Bulnes who supplies tomatoes to Unimarc supermarkets in the Ñuble Region and others in Biobío, commented, “It has been a very good experience for me and my family. It has allowed us to improve our business by focusing on quality rather than quantity. Being able to sell to a chain like this is a dream for any small producer.”

Twelve years have passed since the start of this alliance, showing significant progress. Most of the producers who began with the initial agreement have remained, while those who have left did so mainly due to business growth. Currently, 51 farmers sell their vegetables in Unimarc stores. In 2023, purchases from INDAP farmers reached 1.253 billion pesos, and in the first four months of this year, the figure reached 890 million pesos.

INDAP National Director Santiago Rojas stated, “By renewing the agreement with Unimarc, we strengthen our commitment to creating better commercial alternatives and new markets, contributing to the development of sustainable and transparent business relationships with buyers.”

During the ceremony, both institutions emphasized that they continue to seek new collaboration opportunities, such as exploring the inclusion of INDAP users' processed products in Unimarc's 100% Nuestro Program.

In this regard, Agriculture Minister Esteban Valenzuela praised the collaborative alliance between INDAP and Unimarc, highlighting the demonstrated commitment and work over more than a decade. “I positively value the renewal of this joint collaboration agreement because, among other things, it not only opens new marketing channels for many producers across the country under preferential conditions but also trains and enables them to access these demanding markets,” he said.