Sustainability Sustainability model

At SMU, we have a comprehensive approach to sustainability, upon which our corporate purpose is built: 'With Closeness, we make life easier for our customers.' To fulfill this and build the company's future, our values (CLOSE: Closeness, Excellence, Respect, Collaboration, and Agility) are essential, and we promote them in all aspects of our management. Sustainability is related to our forward-looking perspective and the ability to comprehensively manage our economic, social, and environmental performance across all our business activities and lines, within a framework of corporate integrity and transparency. At SMU, we have a Corporate Sustainability Model and a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that serve as the foundation for our execution, providing ethical guidelines and setting the framework for sustainable governance, integrity, people, customers, supply, environment, society, and financial performance.



In 2022 we committed to the 5 key sustainability criteria promoted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)


Promoting a Culture of Integrity and Ethical Management

At SMU, we are committed to fostering a corporate ethical culture and strengthening compliance efforts within the company. We encourage each individual within the organization to embody the company's values in their daily activities, demanding compliance with existing regulations and standards in all actions. Explore our Human Rights Declaration at SMU. Our company's crime prevention model establishes a structure and culture of integrity, involving directors, executives, employees, and suppliers equally, with a strong focus on training to inform and raise awareness throughout the organization. Our commitment to the customer includes a culture of consumer rights protection, which encompasses a Corporate Consumer Protection Compliance Policy, a Consumer Protection Decalogue, and a Consumer Protection Model, which was independently certified for the first time in 2022. Learn about our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.


We are a company of people

At SMU, we are a company of people dedicated to making Chile an inclusive society. This commitment is an integral part of our corporate identity and has been deepened through our CLOSE signature and the value of Respect. We work on diversity and inclusion through seven pillars: Inclusive Culture; Employment Inclusion for People with Disabilities; Caregiver Support Network; Contractor Sensitization; Connecting Entrepreneurs; Collaborative Work with Foundations and Organizations; and Contributions from the Company to its Employees. Through these, we address four stakeholder groups: Gender, Migrants, Generations, and Disabilities.


In 2022, we implemented and certified our Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance Management System according to the standards of Chilean Standard 3262:2012. This achievement positioned us as the first supermarket company in the country to obtain such certification.


The inclusion of people with disabilities has been a longstanding focus at SMU. Since 2011, we have supported Teletón, undertaking various initiatives to raise funds and involving employees and customers in this charitable endeavor. We also have a partnership with the Descúbreme Foundation, dating back to 2012, through which the Descúbreme Fund was established. This fund, supported by customer contributions at Unimarc, Alvi, Mayorista10, and Super10 supermarkets, assists projects that promote the inclusion of individuals with cognitive disabilities. Furthermore, we are one of the founding companies of the Inclusive Companies Network (REIN), an organization that brings together businesses committed to promoting the employment inclusion of people with disabilities.


In 2022, we launched our first migrant welcome guide to provide guidance to migrants joining the company. This guide introduces internal and social support channels, information about public services for administrative procedures, as well as recommendations for integrating into work teams. Additionally, we are a part of the Intercultural Companies Network, an organization that brings together companies working to create spaces for interaction, reflection, and advocacy in the context of interculturality and the inclusion of migrants in the workplace.


In 2022, we became a part of the Senior Companies Network (REE), driven by SeniorLab at the Pontifical Catholic University, to promote initiatives aimed at promoting the employment inclusion of older individuals.


Customer-Centric Approach

We are the supermarket chain with the most extensive presence in regions. This attribute requires us to understand our customers and establish a close relationship with each of them to provide excellent service that enhances their shopping experience.


Responsible Sourcing

We aim to be strategic partners with our suppliers, promoting long-term relationships that ensure fair and equitable treatment. At the same time, we strive to include products from local small and medium-sized suppliers as part of our distinctive offering.


Commitment to Society

We are aware of the social role we have as a supermarket chain in each of the 16 regions where we operate. From there, we aim to build strong connections with the community and contribute to local development through shared value initiatives.


We Care for the Environment

At SMU, we care about the environment, so we work to identify the potential impacts of our operations and take measures to mitigate them.

No Food Waste

Learn about the food waste reduction initiatives developed in our stores throughout Chile. 'Pronto Consumo' is one of them, which involves selling products nearing their expiration date at up to a 50% discount, even though they are in perfect condition for consumption. We also donate food to social organizations through the 'Waste Less, Be More Aware' program and donate food unsuitable for human consumption to zoos and animal protection organizations.


We have joined the Eco-Labeling project, part of the Clean Production Agreement (APL), which is a public-private partnership led by the Society for Industrial Development, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change. The 'Eco-Label' is a seal that provides information on the recyclability of packaging.

Carbon Footprint

We manage our carbon footprint, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) verified by an independent third party. This measurement provides us with a baseline for managing and driving reduction actions.


Financial Performance

We have a long-term vision in which financial results are an essential part. We apply growth and profitability strategies, as well as financial risk management and reinvestment policies.