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SMU announces the opening of the first Alvi and Unimarc supermarkets located in former Montserrat premises

In this way, the initial kickoff is given to the leasing plan for 21 commercial premises located in the Metropolitan and Valparaíso regions that belonged to that chain...

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2023-12-01Unimarc, Alvi, S10

SMU closes the year with the opening of three new stores in Estación Central, Independencia and Quilicura, exceeding its goal for 2023.

In recent weeks the company also opened two other Unimarcs, an Alvi and a Super 10, ending 2023 with 13 new openings in its different formats, a number higher than the 12 it had planned...

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2023-10-25Club Unimarc

Unimarc relaunches its loyalty club with discounts on airfare, restaurants and much more

The SMU subsidiary supermarket chain strengthens its loyalty club under the name Club Unimarc, a proposal that delivers immediate benefits to all...

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SMU opens fifth Super 10 and marks the beginning of its 2023-25 omnichannel growth plan

With this new opening of its soft discount format, the supermarket continues to grow and innovate in the customer experience, through an offer of products...

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Alvi reinforces its presence in Santiago and opens a new store in Peñalolén

This is store number 33 of Alvi, a subsidiary of SMU with local coverage from the Coquimbo Region to Los Lagos. With...

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The commitment of the supermarket SMU to the promotion of a more sustainable diet

Through a strategy that combines the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from local producers, the incorporation of innovative healthy products in its shelves...

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Nuestras Unidades de negocio
Nuestras Unidades de negocio

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