• 2024-07-01
  • Unimarc

Unimarc Launches First Tiered Loyalty Program in the Supermarket Industry

Unimarc has launched the first tiered loyalty program in the supermarket industry, allowing members of Club Unimarc to enjoy exclusive offers and discounts based on their membership level.

This initiative stands out from other loyalty clubs because it rewards customer loyalty with immediate discounts and benefits, recognizing and appreciating their most loyal customers.

In Club Unimarc, your level is determined by your purchases: Club Member, Gold Member, Platinum Member, and you can further enhance your benefits by subscribing to the Diamond Membership. This way, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on products, restaurants, health, personal care, tourism, and travel. You can also increase your discounts by paying with the Unipay card.

"We are excited to be the first supermarket chain to incorporate a tiered strategy into its loyalty club, providing differentiated and immediate benefits based on purchasing behavior. Through this initiative, we will offer greater savings to our customers," says Luisa Astorino, SMU's Corporate Marketing and Customer Manager.

How can you find out your level? Discover it and start enjoying these benefits by visiting www.Unimarc.cl